Year 2015

Military Conference New Tech Exhibition Productronica Exhibition

Year 2014

Nuremberg exhibition SEC at Gsuit UNITECH at Gsuit

Year 2013

Productronica Nuremberg China factories China exhibition Chipex 2013

Year 2012

• G-SUIT has been notified of receiving an exclusive representative of "Vision Engineering"company into the   Israel's electronics market. Vision co. is one of the leading company in manufacturing unique microscopes to   the industry.

• Samsung company launching 3 months ago the fastest chip shooter in the world in their class !with 120,000   CPH !! ..more details please find at the "Production Sector"

• Samsung company launching these days three new models into the SMT products line from
  SMseries : SM471, SM481 & SM482 ..more details please find at the "Production Sector"

Nurenberg Exhibition Tresky CHIPEX 2.5.2012 SEC in korea

Year 2011

prodotonika Nurenberg Exhibition Mr.Lee visit in Israel Mento Exhibition

Year 2010

Samsung Gsuit team Kolver in unitek


Samsung company these days launching a new product line, a series 400SM Placement machines are built on the successful platform of the existing SM since 2005 and has been successfully, installed in companies such as Tadiran, ECI, a - to electronics and more.
The new machines can reach speeds of up 42000cph placement machine, a single platform and is equipped with a smart and impressive software,
The line includes a flexible machine capable of placement of 01,005 vehicles to connectors of 75mm accuracy of 30um and CHIP SHOOTER components to the size of 22mm.

400SM series joins previous series of machines that you enjoy dozens of clients across the country who bought us 160 machines until today.

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